Hilarious Hammer Shot Party Drinking Game


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Hilarious Hammer Shot Party Drinking Game

Bullet Points:

  • New Spin: This is a new spin on a traditional carnival game that never gets old. Pour a shot, hit the hammer and reveal what action the hammer shot has selected for you.
  • Carnival Games: From taking a shot, to telling a joke or passing the shot to a friend, there are plenty of outcomes that the hammer shot can present you with. This is one of the carnival games for adults that is even more versatile than its childlike counterpart.
  • Great Gift: This fun drinking game is a great gift for a house party, tailgate, or any other get-together. Test your hand eye coordination and reward yourself with a shot.
  • Recommended for 2-6 players, but we won’t judge you if you play solo!
  • With a drinking game this fun, it’s nearly impossible to not play it when it’s in your possession. Packaged in our lovely box, the Hammer Shot has everything you need to get the party started including the shot glass.


Thinking of throwing a party? Need a totally cool gift to take to a party? Want to see your neighbor let her hair down for a change? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time to liven things up a little, Grab a few chairs, sit down with friends, let’s get this party started. How strong are you feeling tonight? How accurate are you this evening? Tap down on the ‘launch ball’ platform and wherever the ball reaches, follow the bell tower directions! Ideal for 2 – 6 players, drink responsibly, best played sitting down! You can also make your own rules up if you prefer, have plenty of fun, and please drink responsibly.  For ages 21 and over. Included-traditional mini circus / carnival style bell tower, shot glass.


Material: plastic, glass, iron

Base with tower dimensions: about 22 cm (8.66 in) in height

Glass 60 ml (2 oz).

Packaging weight: about 501 g. (1.10 lb.)

Packing List:

1 Hammer Shot GAME SET

Bar Game Gag Gift * Hilarious Drunk Entertainment * Adult Humor Fun

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